Ever wish your gps did more for you? CFGPSEvents allows this and more. It's an automation plugin, allowing users to automatically perform actions based on coordinates and (optionally) heading.

-Always turn down your music when entering your neighborhood? Let CFGPSEvents do it for you

-Wanna get rid of that eyesore garage door opener? CFGPSEvents will open and close the garage as soon as you leave/exit the home.

-Always call your wife when leaving work? CFGPSEvents will dial her for you just after leaving the parking lot

There are over 55 actions CFGPSEvents can perform, and adding actions is just a quick request away.

CFGPSEvents also imports trapster .csv data quickly and cleanly. Simply drop your .csv in the plugin "Trapster" folder.

On top of all of this, CFGPSEvents also allows "Zones" which will record Centrafuse CML labels at given GPS coordinates. While this may seem less important now, the data logged by GPS Zones will be used in the future to automatically create rules based on the data available. Imagine making smart playlists based on what songs you listen to as you make your daily commute!

CFGPSEvents is free and is available now!
FeaturesAutomatically run commands based on GPS coordinates
Record labels automatically with GPS coordinates
Import Trapster data
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RequirementsCentrafuse 3.5
CFNav or GPSEngine
Windows XP or greater
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