Centrafuse Auto - North America

Version: 3.1.309

Centrafuse Auto is a leading front-end providing an intuitive and polished user experience. Centrafuse Auto includes many built in functions such as media playback, turn-by-turn navigation, Handsfree Bluetooth phone, engine diagnostics, web, weather, Wifi, TTS email and a vast array of 3rd party plugins and skins are available. All of this is easily controlled via touchscreen or voice commands.
By namtr0 - Version 3.1.309 - 09/11/2010
I've been using this in my F-350 truckpc for over a year now. I bought it because even though I love to tinker I was getting tired of having to always look for how to do things whenever I wanted to add a feature. Centrafuse NA comes with a good gps program that can worked great (I've had problems with it recognizing my gps ever since I upgraded to windows7) It comes with the basics that most people want out of there carpc and they've had plugins for a while now on their main site. Over all I give it a 4 because there are still bugs, but it comes with the basics and has lots of direct support through there site and users which was the biggest plus for me. It's a install and done kind product with the option of adding more later.

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Requirements- Windows powered PC (XP, Vista or Windows 7)
- 1Ghz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- Bluetooth receiver (for Handsfree)
- GPS receiver (for Navigation)
- Internet connection required for some functions
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