Centrafuse Auto Standard Edition

Version: 3.1.309

Centrafuse Auto is a leading front-end providing an intuitive and polished user experience. Centrafuse Auto includes many built in functions such as media playback, turn-by-turn navigation, Handsfree Bluetooth phone, engine diagnostics, web, weather, Wifi, TTS email and a vast array of 3rd party plugins and skins are available. All of this is easily controlled via touchscreen or voice commands.
By RipplingHurst - Version 3.1.309 - 07/15/2010
This is a very stable front end that never crashed on me. Very easy installation and setup, with a very good active forum for support and resources. Very polished interface, although the standard skin is too dark for daylight conditions and it can lag on low powered system - but you can turn animations off too. If you want GPS, bluetooth and voice control in your car, this is a great application to implement that. If you want bluetooth to work perfectly, ask around the forums for the best mic and motherboard, because it may be hard to get it to work sometimes. But that is also in part due to the windows and the bluesoleil required bluetooth drivers. It doesn't get 5 stars for me because in its current version it does not support gestures, and there is no playlist manager and no way to import playlists from Windows Media Player, iTunes or Media Monkey. If you have a large collection of media files like I do (400GB+ between music and videos), accessing that with that interface can be a nightmare. Pretty much you just add genres and directories manually, you can't do that off line, so a large collection spanning through thousands of directories (less than 10 per page rate) is a pain. No autoplaylists, like last added songs, albums or podcasts, the ratings is limited (either you like it or not, no 5 star system here), and If you bought 10 albums and just ripped them to your carputer, you better bring a list on paper so you can remember how to get them to play or you'll be frustrated trying to find where they are. You have more options and screens to access the weather and OBD data then you have to access your media files. Lots of plugins for traffic, hulu and internet radio, as well as parking sensors and tire pressure monitoring systems. As a plugin manager/holder, it's a great front end, as an entertainment center, it's too limited, so I don't use it anymore. It's a solid product and you can expect it to improve, slowly but surely. However most of the focus in the last major updates seems to be on the interface, and the internal structure of the application while the media and entertainment part of the application hasn't been changed for the last several years (actually it has lost playlist functionality like the ADD button) since version 1.41/2.0.

By ThunderStick - Version 3.1.309 - 07/05/2010
Excellent front end, would give it a 5 star rating if blue tooth worked as I expected. Had a lot of problems with delays and echoes when using bluetooth. Was recommended to purchase additional hardware which is pretty expensive for little payoff. Over all pretty nice interface, easy setup and very stable right out of the box.

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Requirements- Windows powered PC (XP, Vista or Windows 7)
- 1Ghz CPU
- 512MB RAM
- Bluetooth receiver (for Handsfree)
- GPS receiver (for Navigation)
- Internet connection required for some functions
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