Festy's Tripmeter

Version: 0.7

Plugin originally written by Festy. All credit goes to him for this.

The plugin can record trip specifics - such as distance, end time/date and end coordinates.
These details are saved to a CSV. Fuel consumption information is also saved to CSV.

There are 3 trip meters available simultaneously:

Total meter - this is an cumulative meter that is saved between RR restarts. This is the trip meter
that the fuel consumption is calculated from. Resetting this meter also resets the average and
max speed, as well as the leg meter.

Trip or Leg meter - this is a sub-meter of the Total meter, useful for following trip notes that
state "left in 3.4km" kind of thing, can be reset without effecting the total meter.

Work meter - can be started and stopped at will, useful for recording trips for work etc. Completely
independant of the other meters.

Fuel consumption is calculated by inputting the quantity of fuel used. The idea being that when you
fill up, you enter the litres/gallons it took, and this is used with the Total meter to record a
consumption figure, in L/100km or mpg. Entering a fuel quantity will zero the Total meter, ready to
start logging the next tank of fuel.

Both metric and imperial units are supported, based on the isunits line in RR.ini.
FeaturesData stored in various formats
Three seperate trip counters
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.Net 2.0
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